[Review] Kovan Rojak

I was craving for rojak recently and had been having it pretty frequently.

I guess P has officially become my makan buddy now. Whenever I have cravings I will look for him and we will go have them. :) I remember there used to be a rojak stall near my house but it’s no longer here anymore. It is also one the best rojak I’ve had. But then again, it might be because I’m used to the taste.

Rojak is considered an asian fruit salad. It consist of beansprouts, greens, tau pok (deep fried soybean cake), you tiao (fried fritters), pineapple, cucumber, turnip and lots of chopped peanuts and fermented prawn paste. You can also add century eggs and grilled cuttlefish. It is then all mixed together like how you would do for salads.

It requires a lot of skill to make nice rojak. Firstly, you know to know how much of each ingredient and condiments that makes it really fragrant. The peanuts are also need to be roasted perfectly to give off the very nutty taste. All ingredients are best to be fresh. The you tiao and tao pok needs to be roasted crispy. Some stalls are some lime in the prawn paste to give a little sourish kick.

Kovan rojak is conveniently at the Kovan Food Market just beside the train station and heartland mall. We arrived at the food market at around 5:30pm and we can see that lot’s of tables have a plate of rojak.  So we quickly grab a seat, ordered our drinks and rojak and started eating.

2014-04-22 17.31.27 2014-04-22 17.31.39


There’s something lacking in this plate of rojak. The peanuts are not fragrant enough and it doesn’t make me go back for more. There’s very little pineapples and turnips. And the ingredients are cut in quite a big slices. I would not say this is the best rojak I’ve tasted but it’s one of the better ones around. I will probably have it again when I’m at the area.

Kovan Rojak

Address: Blk 209 Hougang Street 21,#01-01 Singapore 530209

Kovan Market & Food Centre,

Be strong…

Dealing with divorce is probably the worst thing that I have to handle in my entire life. I’m having an emotional night today and I sort of screw up the evening dinner.

Sometimes I wonder what does a marriage means. Maybe I never understood the meaning of marriage therefore I will never understand why divorce is so hard. Some people said that I took marriage lightly. But no one knew how much effort I put in before I gave up. I don’t blame them for asking me to try again.

I really just want to move on from this entire mistake. Yes the marriage was a mistake. I feel stupid with this entire divorce shit. Since someone can be so nonchalant about this whole issue, why should I be worrying about things?  Why do I have to care about what’s good for both?

Dealing with everyone is the easy part. The problem lies with him. There is no way I can communicate with him. I really really really gave up on everything. Now I’m just preparing for the worst.

It’s gonna be painful. But I believe this will make me a stronger and better person. I will convert all my strength into fighting for my career. I will work hard…for myself.

[Review] Hoshino Coffee

Last week, I met L for dinner during his off day. We had dinner around Dhoby Ghuat area and decided to have coffee elsewhere. As we walked around Plaza Singapura, we settled for Hoshino Coffee. L is working at a Cafe somewhere in Farrer Park, so he is quite interested to try the hand drip coffee. As we reached there around 5:3opm, there’s not much queue so we were seated quite promptly. There wasn’t much crowd for the night too. So I guess the novelty has worn off.

I was just craving for some sweet stuff, so I ordered the Haru Natsu Pancake ($14.50).

2014-04-02 19.22.00

One of the things Hoshino Coffee is famous for is their fluffy souffle pancakes. This is one of the items that is for a limited time if I’m not wrong. The fluffy souffle pancake is freshly made upon order so it takes about 20 minutes before its served. I have been really keen to try and make it at home but I just don’t have the chance yet. The pancake is served with whipped cream, a scoop of ice cream which I believed its sakura flavoured and strawberries and strawberry syrup. There is also maple syrup served in a little container.

The pancake is slightly more dry than what I expected and it’s not as fluffy as how I remember it. Maybe it’s just one of the not so nice pancake they serve that day. :(

L ordered a Hoshino Blended Coffee ($5.80).


The coffee is served with a small container or creamer. L said that it’s nice. I was shy to ask for a sip so I have no idea how it taste. Heh!

Overall, it’s still a nice place to chill. The pancake was a slight disappointment. Would I come back again? Maybe. Maybe not.


星乃珈琲店 Hoshino Coffee

68 Orchard Road #03-84

Plaza Singapura

Singapore 238839

[Review] Mian Mian @ Bugis Junction

Met up with bff last weekend for a quick catch up over dinner. I had been wanting to try out Mian Mian when they first open last year at the new extension of Bugis Junction. We reached the place at slightly before 6pm and was seated shortly.

2014-03-29 17.43.59


When we picked up the menu, it sort of reminds me of Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura. The items on the menu are similar. I decided to order the Souffle De Nuage and BFF ordered the Mian Mian Spaghetti.

2014-03-29 18.06.56

Souffle De Nuage is a unique dish. It’s curry rice with souffle egg on the top. It was pretty interesting at first but it gets pretty gelat after awhile. It’s nice for sharing. I didn’t finish the whole dish. (3/5)

2014-03-29 18.07.01

Mian Mian Spaghetti is pretty good. The spaghetti was done al dente. It was sauteed with bacon, frankfurters, tomato, mushroom, spinach and one soft boil egg. The portion is also good for 2 person. I didn’t really enjoyed the pasta because I prefer creamy pasta. But it’s still good. (3.5/5)

We were too full for dessert so I will most probably be back just for the dessert. The price is generally affordable and is good for dinner gatherings.

Miam Miam
Bugis Junction (outside BHG)
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 68370301
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miam.sg
Website: http://miam.sg/

The Perfect Guy…

This morning, I woke up at 5am and was turning and tossing on bed trying my best to fall asleep. I guess I was too nervous about my exams later in the day. But I survived and I passed all cleared all the required exams! Yay!

Lying in the dark and quiet room (not exactly quiet because silly boy was just snoring beside me), I started to think about my future. I met P the other night and we were talking about how I should find a companion, not necessarily has to be a bf or husband. A was also telling me the same thing and how I will benefit psychologically in long run.

But its never easy. There are approximately 7 billion people in this world!!  How am I suppose to find someone who has the same frequency as me, understands me, love me, share the same level for the love of dog, love eating, doesn’t think I’m fat and ugly……and the list goes on. So the question is how do I find someone to spend the rest of my life with?

Many relationship and marriage failed because we expect our spouse to be the perfect one. We expect them to be the serious partner who plans about the perfect future, the girlfriend or sister we bitch about everything with, the fun partner where you can have all the fun with. But how many of them can be all 3 in 1? Heck, we can’t even be the perfect wife ourselves.

And my mind started to wander far far away at the time of 5:23am. I started picturing what my perfect guy be like. To be honest I have never ever ever thought about this before because I never believe there’s one. But it’s still fun!

So let’s start the list!

1) Cute smile!

He needs to have a cute smile with nice teeth! I’m a sucker for guys with cute smile like Ryan Gosling! Totally melts my heart. How can you resist a guy who looks so cute! I kinda dislike guys who thinks that they look more cool when they don’t smile.

ryan-gosling-workout-secrets-02 zac-efron-ryan-gosling-07252013-600x450


Awwww…so cute <3

2) Loves to eat!

Lesson learnt, always date someone who loves to eat and is adventurous with food. There’s nothing better than dating someone who lives to eat. :)

3) Someone who is open

By that I meant someone who will let me read them like an open book. It’s always better to be with someone who does not hide things from you. It kinda sucks when you date someone who you can’t understand or know what they are thinking. It’s tiring to constantly guess what is on their mind. I will never date someone who is like a thumb drive, one that isn’t easily readable and hidden files are possible. Communication is also important. There’s no point being with someone who doesn’t wanna communicate with you.

4) A guy who knows how to take care of himself

This is one damn important point. Every single one has to know how to take care of himself or herself. A guy who is independent and knows how to take care of himself is sexy! nuff said.

5) Knows how to love

Maybe I’ve always been with the wrong guy but I’ve always been with someone who is afraid to love. Or maybe afraid to shows that he loves someone. So….I’ll never ever date someone who is afraid to show that he loves.

6) Dog lover!

He has to be a dog lover! No one will understand the bond between a man and a dog. The love cannot be replaced by anyone else. I always feel dog owner are less self centered. How do you keep thinking about yourself when there’s a wagging tail and a happy smiley dog face telling u to feed me feed me!

a boy walking a dog in the park

The list can goes on and on…But I’ll settle for this 6 criteria first and add on when I can think of any. Heh.


And if happen to really know someone who fits exactly all the above criteria, please tell me! :D

Next chapter of life…

It has been a year since I’ve been separated.

Six months since I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s.

And one month since I’ve left my previous work place.

But life is good. :) I have been keeping myself really busy with life and enjoy the weekly outing with my crazy friends.  Everyday I wake up feeling good because I no longer wallop in self pity. Learning how to deal with all the crap I had last year did made me feel stronger than before. Now I know I’m able to handle greater..shit. LOL. I’m no longer in a mess now and I no longer need guys to validate me. I feel complete by myself. It’s a huge change for me honestly. I love the way I feel confident and independent.

I’ve also embarked on a new career. I’ve decided to be an insurance agent. Many asked WHY!? Well, that’s a story for another day. :) I have successful passed the 3 papers (M5, M9, and M9a) and once I pass my product test tomorrow, I will be successfully contracted! Yay! I’m glad how things are moving so smoothly. It feels so different from 2013. And I’m really glad for all the happy things around me.

My silly boy is still as silly. And I’m spending so much time with him. I feel our bonds are much closer now. I love him more and more each day. And he’s turning 7 next month! Boy that’s like super fast. Half his lifespan gone. I need to love him more. :)

I still have no idea how to talk to W but I need to figure it out soon. There’s so much we need to discuss about the house that is coming in 2014. He is welcome to take over the house and stay. I am no longer concern. I guess I have really moved on. Everything doesn’t seems to matter that much anymore. Sometimes I still wonder why my marriage ended in such a way. It’s a question that I will never be able to answer myself and will probably wonder for the rest of my life. BUT I’m still gonna move on and stay happy even if I will be alone.

I guess I will have more time to blog in the future after my exams. Since I’m no longer working office hours and I probably have much more control of my time. And probably have more interesting stories to tell since I will be meeting people all day long.

Till then. :)

Happy Lunar New Year 2014!



Happy Lunar New Year! :)

I had been pretty busy recently trying to settle my life back to normal and made some changes to my life.

I decided to go gluten free to improve my health. Health is more or less settled with a modified diet. Crohn’s no longer acts up that often as before. I’m still learning to cope with Crohn’s and learning to listen to my body. Next month I’m going for another round of colonoscopy. I hope my intestines are more or less settled.

I also decided to quit my job and look for something else. Maybe accounting isn’t my forte after all or maybe I’m just bored with it. I don’t know but I guess I can only take this chance to figure it out.

I don’t know how life would be like in the future but I can only continue to walk bravely. :)